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Personal Care Group

This consumer products group specializes in taking a holistic approach to our modern health problems.

To some people, holistic means using one or two 'alternative' techniques for seeking relief. These include remedies that contain organic herbs, or perhaps undergoing acupuncture treatment. At Zebra, we take a much broader viewpoint of these sometime ancient methods. At the same time, we also believe that holistic should really mean 'whole' in the sense that every possible source of wisdom and knowledge is consulted.

All the products in the Personal Care Group have the same underlying approach to their creation; every possible source of information is consulted and evaluated. Ultimately, the best solutions are chosen and incorporated into the products you see here. In every case, we have formulated products for our customers that truly do allow them to use our precious resources more wisely. Whether that resource is water in the form of washing hands or wasted lotions, to the pernicious use of medicine for minor ailments that can be addressed through basic skin care. In some cases our products are a return to 'old' technologies, but with a modern twist allowing them to be reborn as a modern miracle. In other cases, it may be that we use new technology, but in a new way, educating our customers so that they can save money and lead healthier lives.

Zebra ResponsibilityFinally, we in the Personal Care Group welcome your comments and input for new products. Many of our products are initiated by customers asking for help. We feel that one of the greatest tools in our laboratories is our ears, and we want you to put us to the test.

Personal Care Group: Respecting Ancient Wisdom, Incorporating Modern Science.

Uncle Earl's mechanics hand soapUncle Earl's Soap

Uncle Earl (a real person) is a true do-it-yourself kind of guy, and believed in the basics. This product line of mechanics hand soap is designed for the rugged person who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty. At the same time, they also realize that dry and cracked hands can be painful and costly in other ways. This product allows them to wash their hands as frequently as they want, yet always leaving them with strong, healthy skin. Learn more about Uncle Earl's all mechanics hand soap.


Namas line of health goods was developed specifically to showcase our ability to create products that respects the wisdom of the East, while still taking a modern scientific approach. With the spirit of the Dalai Lama, Buddha, and Yoga filling our sails, and with the discipline of scientific rigor plying the waters, we have created specialized body care products. These products are unlike all others, for not only do they directly incorporate elements of both worlds, they are designed to be used in very detailed ways. Our flagship product is a soap to be used to wash your face in the morning. With some degree of humor, we have dubbed this soap "Namas Day" - indicating not only its intended use, but also punning on the sanskrit term 'namaste' meaning "we honor you." Its alternate, "Namas Night" soap and other products are to be used only in the evening. Just as none of us is the same person during the day as we are at night, our products reflect that reality - helping you more efficiently to be at your healthiest, your happiest, and reaching higher to your own inner goddes. We truly do bow to you, and are honored that you use our products.


Sequin was formulated for todays modern woman. She's almost constantly washing, typing, shaking hands, digging in the dirt, and then it starts all over again. Rather than using the typical petroleum or other fatty products found in other lotions, Sequin is specifically tailored for her dry hands. Goes on tacky, but leaves a velvety feeling behind that lasts for half a day. It doesn't leave marks on your keyboard, clothes or clients hands. It even stays on after you wash your hands. It's another example of ancient wisdom that we have rediscovered and reincarnated for your specific needs.

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