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Zebra is proud to have won the Weatherhead 100 Award for the past 5 years. Since its inception in 1987, the Weatherhead 100 has been the event that showcases the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio.
Zebra Awards

Zebra applies itself to projects that others shy away from. Zebra holds itself to standards that others only pay lip service. The result is a collection of excellent products, each of which represents thousands upon thousands of individual conversations between the customer and our organization. Each conversation, each question, each order, and every follow up are the atoms of our success. Every collection of conversations encompasses a story, some of which are more interesting than others.

Among some of our more memorable interactions are designing a custom circulation system for a large manufacturer that would perform like no other in the world. It took many people working around the clock to install it to their specification on time, yet the job was completed to their satisfaction.

Another story involves a customer who had been using copious amounts of water and an expensive specialized chemical to clean parts within their factory. An analysis of their water use and the chemical in question led us to the conclusion that a very inexpensive generic chemical could do the same job for much less money. At the same time, a small change in how they processed the water also reduced water usage a significant amount. Ultimately, Zebra sold them nothing - however, this company saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, and ultimately became one of our best testing grounds for new products.

Yet another story revolves around our heroic Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton near San Diego. In an attempt to show them that they were not alone and that our grateful thoughts were with them, we organized a cookie lift and shipped a pallet of girl scout cookies to them. They were used in a welcome home ceremonies for troops returning from a tour in Iraq. Along with the donated services of a local trucking company, a few thousand boxes found their way to those men and women who protect our homes and hold our hearts. We salute them.

These are the true rewards of our organization. Occasionally, we are also recognized by others along the way. This page will hold our proudest public awards. But we don't intend to let our reputation stand on these; our reputation depends on each and every conversation.

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