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Zebra is composed of three divisions. The first and oldest is our metalworking accessories line, specializing in the maintenance of metalworking fluids – Zebra Skimmers. These fluids, also known as coolants, are complex soups designed to lubricate metal removing tools, and to cool the metal. The demands of technology, economy, and health all collide in the machine fluid sump. Through the use of intensive research and our reliance on sound scientific methods, we were able to demystify much of what was done in the past, and invent new cost effective ways to improve sump life. It was also this background in fluid mechanics, chemistry, and biology that has led to Zebra's current structure.

Zebra's second division is that of our Industrial and Environmental lines. Using the same technologies developed for machine shops, our ZIE products are scaled to meet the demands of a variety of customers from monitoring wells to small volume waste generators.

Our third division, Zebra Green, represents our most ambitious products, and an extensive range of technology. The first relies upon the fluid mechanical knowledge from our first division, and the production technologies behind those products. Through this, we have accumulated several product lines, all of which serve to help all of us use water more wisely. The Water Conservation Group handles all of these products, and their primary web pages can be seen here.

From our understanding of chemistry, and listening closely to our customers, we have learned that dry skin is a serious problem confronting many machine operators. From this we designed a series of soaps and lotions that are meant to treat the symptoms of eczema. These products are managed by the Personal Care Group, represent several brands, and can be found through specialty distributors, retailers, and online.

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