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Zebra Industrial & Environmental

Zebra offers a range of products and services focusing on the efficient use of fluids. Our products range from mechanical filtration devices to specialized measuring instruments, while our services encompass product repair, consulting off and on-site, and product and system engineering design.

Coolant problems? Have a look at our metalworking coolant troubleshooting guide (scales from desktop to tablet to smartphone).

Replacement belts for the Oil Skimmer Industry

Zebra replacement oil skimmer belts work on industry standard oil skimmer models, including most units fabricated by other manufacturers. Belts are fabricated using corrosion resistent stanless steel (301 and magnetic 17-7) and are available in 4 inch widths and .005 and .008 inch thicknesses. Call 888.249.4855 to discuss your needs and to determine the belt that best fits your specific requirements or visit the following link to purchase online.

condensate separatorAir Compressor Condensate Management System (CMS)

As environmental standards increase, it becomes increasingly more important for air compressor maintenance personnel to treat their compressor's condensate discharge stream. Robust, yet deceptively simple, the Zebra® Muscle™ Condensate Management System traps the oil in compressor condensate, allowing for remaining wastewater to be automatically discharged to the local sewer or other containment vessel. This system fits any budget, almost any size compressor, and should be part of any condensate maintenance program.

The Dazzle System Automates Coolant Mixing and Delivery, and Sump Level Maintenance

Free your maintenance team and operators from unproductive chores. The Zebra Dazzle* System takes all the guesswork out of coolant mixing and delivery. Automatic sump monitoring and delivery ensures that machines won't run out of coolant compromising production runs, tool life, and quality. Let us design a custom Dazzle System to meet your unique requirements.

* A dazzle is a herd of zebra; with the dazzle system Zebra Industrial brings together specialized individual components to create a coordinated system to automatically mix and deliver coolant, and to maintain sump level with a balanced coolant concentration.


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